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What If I Told You Now You Can Create Your OWN Video Agency in 90 seconds!

Included with 40 Customizable Ultimate-Grade Videos
With Video Animations, Actors & PLUS Many Awesome Features...

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Why you need this proven LocalAgency site: ASTROVID

you can sell these videos for $699 or more again & again through this awesome unique system that gives everything you need.

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YES! Sell Just One Video And Make Back 10x What You've Paid!


Hey, Today I’m about to give you an opportunity to have everything you need to be making thousands of dollars from having your own video agency.

Imagine having 44+ Professional Unique Demo Videos At Your Hand…
And Already Loaded On Your Very Own Website
That Ready to Make You More Money Again and Again!

As you can see here, “Astro video agency” is an incredible system that will jump start your success today. Let’s take a step inside astro video agency


  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Monkey Easy Installation Procedure
  • 40+ Demo Videos Total
  • How To Cheaply Outsource Video Customization
  • Clean Lead Magnet Form
  • Responsive PRO Pricing Table
  • Awesome Portfolio Videos
  • Animation Explainer With Editable Sources
  • BuiltIn with Legal Pages
  • Professional Contact Form
  • Google Map Integration
  • Smooth and Professional Design

Install ASTROVID It's As Easy As 1... 2... 3...


Install Your Pre-Built Agency Website
(Complete With 40 Stunning Demo Videos)
In Less Than 2 minutes

Sell The Videos For $995 Or More To Local Business Owners or Internet Marketer



You don’t have to do the actual customization, and you get to pay someone a very low rate. Many of the demos can be customized for as little as five dollars!

Remember... You can Install & Customize Your Pre-Built Website
(Complete With 40 Stunning Demo Videos) In 90 seconds!

(Click Image To Preview Video Version)
  • High Definition Video Quality
  • Source Included and Easy to Edit using PowerPoint
  • Truly Animated Videos
  • Smooth and Professional Design
(Click Image To Preview Video Version)
  • High Definition Video Quality
  • Featuring Professionally Trained Actors and Actresses
  • Each Video Can Be Highly Customized As Each Actor Offers Different Video Backgrounds, Can Be Wearing Alternate Attire, & More
  • Separate "Demo" Videos For Each Actor and Actress
(Click Image To Preview Video Version)
  • High Definition Video Quality
  • Easily Customize Each Video For A Local Business
  • Featuring Professional Animations
  • Realistic Mockups Video
  • Featuring Amazing Effects
  • Clean Lead Magnet Opt-In Box Built-In Autoresponder

Of Course You Could Do All Of This Yourself...

Video Production & Customization Services

The cost to find, develop, script, and create 25 professional demo commercials of this high caliber would easily cost well over
Cost: +$2,500.

Premium & Unique Website Development

The cost to develop a premium website complete with the 40 demo videos, that includes as many features as you are seeing here would require an expert programmer as well as marketer. Cost: +$3,500

Implementation Training Costs

Once you have all of the other tools in place, you still need to know how to drive business owners into your website, and generate sales from them. I don't want to see you stumbling around. I have been doing this full-time for the past six years and want to share my methods with you.
Cost: +$1,500 + Much Time

ASTROVID is super duper turbo easy to use


waiting for you to start using it right now.

Imagine Having Your Very Own Full-Equipped & Unique Video Agency Just Minutes From Now...

Secure Your Agency Site Now,
Get ASTROVID Today For $89.95! (Early Bird)

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(Unlimited Site + Developer License included)

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